Sealed Bid Easel Auction Program

How Does Easel Auction Program Work?

Does your business likes the idea of displaying a sports or entertainment themed silent auction at your place of business, but space is limited?  Our Sealed Bid Auction Program may be the solution for you.  These are time limited auctions (generally 10-14 days) and all bids are confidential.  Bid slips are attached to the easel.The-Beatles-1st-Appearance-on-Ed-Sullivan-1964

At the conclusion of the auction, completed bid slips are removed from the box by us, which is attached to the easel, and the highest bid wins.  We then remove that item from the easel and replace it with a new item for another two weeks, and on it goes.

There is no cost, risk or work required of the host venue.  Items are also zap strapped to the easel, eliminating any possibility of damage or theft.  DGL is fully responsible for every easel including maintenance, damage or theft (which has never happen in the 4 years this program has been in place).

The items we would be displaying on the easels for auction are custom framed sports memorabilia and custom framed entertainment memorabilia.  All items are created in our 13,000 sq ft production facility, which also houses our showroom and offices.  Our product lines are top end with no expense spared on our materials and labour.

Easel AuctionsWe arrange delivery of the item to the corresponding location and your customer would be contacted to pay and then either pick-up the item, or have it delivered to them.

Its a Win-Win For You and the Supported Charity

The Easel Auction Program is a wonderful tool that creates a win-win-win scenario.  The location partner wins when they provide us with the space to place the easel and the choose a charity to donate to;  The charity wins because they receive a substantial portion of winning bids collected; and, DGL Sports wins because we are able to provide the platform for charities in need.

There is no cost, risk or work required of the organization or the host venue.  We arrange delivery of the item to the winning bidder and the charity receives the difference between the pre-determined cost of the item (which again, is consigned) and the winning bid amount.  We provide the items and the bid slips.

A full and complete detailed accounting is provided at the end of each month, which lists the auction dates/locations, the item sold, name of the winning bidder and the final bid amount total for each auction.  Together with that monthly accounting is a cheque payable to your organization or company based on generous percentage of the total raised.

We offer a turn-key opportunity for charities to raise $1,000’s annually. DGL Sports finds the easel host, places and maintains the easel, rotates the pictures, and collects the bids.  We contact the successful bidders and we ensure that the bidder is fully aware of all costs associated with the purchase and delivery of the framed item.

And if at any time the bidder is uncomfortable with the purchase, or unhappy in any way, they are under no obligation to finish the sale, or may return the item for a full refund.  The charity has very little or no involvement in the process. The host generously donates 4 sq ft. of floor space to display the easel auction.  DGL Sports execute the program.

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