DGL Sports offers fully integrated installation services across Canada.  If you are a public establishment, like a restaurant, sports bar  or pub, for example, we install security hardware on the back of each frame, eliminating the possibility of theft.  Or, if you need assistance with setting up your man cave, we can take care of every aspect for you, creating a design that conforms to that special room you are trying to create.  We will help you select the items you want, create a custom framing design which will give your room the right ambiance and actually install each item that will adorn your wall space.

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If glass is a problem, we are equipped to give you the option of using plexi glass in all your frames.  This also lessens the possibility of damage during the shipping process and makes each piece a little more durable over time.  In other words, more cost effective.

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Please contact us today with all particulars and we will be pleased provide you with a quote.