Fundraising for Charitable Events

Charity Fundraising Events

DGL Sports Enterprises Ltd, provides marketing and fundraising services for charitable entities and/or corporations that support these charities by providing custom framed sports and entertainment memorabilia items in silent auctions, golf tournaments, special events and more.

Charity Auction

How Can This Program Work For You?

Your organization will contact us to discuss the particulars of your event, which would include the date, venue, the number of attendees and the demographic of those attending. This is important because it allows us to put together a package of items which caters specifically to your group and offers the best opportunity to raise the maximum amount of money for your event.

With our assistance and advice, we will provide you with a listing of consigned items that could be made available for your event. From that list, you will make your selections. A general rule of thumb is one item for every 8-10 attendees.

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 The listing that is provided to you will include the item description, the value of the item and, your cost. The “Your Cost” price is inclusive of all taxes and is the amount you would be paying for that item, providing you receive the minimum bid, which is established by you, based on the “Your Cost” price. Most of our clients, generally set their reserve prices 10-15% above the “Your Cost” price. This ensures that even if there is only one bid for an item, revenue is established, but this is at the sole discretion of the charity event organizers. We do not determine your reserve prices. Prior to your final selections, we determine your cost for each item. This total will be significantly below our posted retail prices.

No event is too big or too small to be part of this program, but only events needing a minimum or 8 items would qualify for this program.

The greatest advantage of this program to you, however, is if the item does not receive a bid meeting your reserve price, you simply return it to us the next business day. YOU DO NOT PAY FOR THE ITEM.

All items receiving reserve bids are items that are purchased and your organization is invoiced the next day. All monies for items bid above and beyond the reserve price is direct profit to the charity. You only pay us at the reserve price. NO ADDITIONAL FEES ARE CHARGED.

What You Need To Remember – No Financial Exposure!

The great advantage of our being able to offer this arrangement to charitable organizations is that we are able to provide outstanding quality items for your event without the fear of any financial exposure to you whatsoever.

Charity Auction

This works well for us because our quality items are exposed to a large gathering of people whom we hope will contact us after an event and order items direct from us. At the same time, we assist local charities with their fundraising efforts.

Your fundraiser could be anything from a formal banquet with a silent / live auction component, to a golf tournament, to an internal company fundraising campaign.

Please contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist you raise significant dollars for your organization.

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