Appraisals, Valuations and Authentications

We offer fully integrated appraisals, valuations and authentication services for individuals trying to determine the true value of their items.  There is a growing need in the marketplace for our customers to have proper insurance coverage as it relates to their sports memorabilia items.  Having a DGL Sports certified appraisal or valuation completed on valuable and appreciating memorabilia items allows you to determine the proper amount of insurance coverage you should have on your home policy to protect you in the event of loss, theft or fire.

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DGL Sports offers appraisals on autographed sports items, including game used sports items.  This list would include jerseys, photos, lithographs, hockey sticks, baseball bats, pucks, footballs, baseballs, basketball and various equipment items, such as helmets and gloves.  We also offer appraisals on specific entertainment related items, such as guitars and photos.

Generally there are two (2) reasons our customers have appraisals and authentication documents prepared by DGL Sports:

  • The customer wants to ensure they have enough personal property coverage on their home insurance policy, should they suffer a traumatic event such as a major theft, fire or water damage in their home.  Particularly, those customers with valuable sports memorabilia items that may either have to have items replaced, or having documentation on file that will prove the value of the item(s) and ensuring they are sufficiently covered and thereby compensated, by their insurance carrier for their loss.
  • The customer wants the appraisal and authentication document on-hand and available in the event they want to sell their item(s) at a future date.  The DGL Sports appraisal and authentication, will greatly assist the seller in getting fair value for their item(s). 

Insurance companies also seek the services of DGL Sports Enterprises Ltd. when they receive insurance claims on lost, stolen or irreparably damaged sports memorabilia items, from policyholders.  DGL Sports, after receiving all background information available on the item(s) in question, would  investigate and prepare valuation documents that would assist the insurance company in determining if the claim amount being made by their policyholder, is valid.

We also provide those same insurers with replacement costs and can further assist them by searching and purchasing items that would replace those items lost, stolen or damaged, in lieu of cash settlements.  This can often save insurers thousands of dollars in policyholder claims and payouts.

We encourage all our customers to work with their insurance agent to ensure you have sufficient coverage. 

  • Long-Form Appraisals
  • Short-Form Appraisals

DGL Sports offers two (2) types of appraisal documentation — Long-Form Appraisal for detailed appraisal information on single item appraisals and authentications.  The Long-Form Appraisal is very detailed and includes every aspect of the item being inspected.  From the condition rating of the item, and the signature(s) found on that item, to any relevant historical significance of the item.  The long-form also provides the value of the item and confirms (or rejects) the authenticity of the item including confirmation of game-used and date as well as signature authentication.  It will also include and other relevant information that can be gleaned from the overall inspection. 


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Appraisal Costs:

DGL LOGO (small)

The Long-Form Appraisal is designed for single item appraisals for customers wanting detailed information about their item included in the document.  Also, although it is meant for single item appraisal, the item can have multiple signatures, such as a team signed jersey for example. 

We charge a single item long-form appraisal with a single signature a minimum flat fee of $125.00.   For items having multiple signatures requiring the long-form appraisal, please call us for a quote.  We also offer bulk rates on long form appraisals as well.  Also, all long form appraisals that we prepare are duly signed and dated by legal representative of DGL Sports Enterprises Ltd. and are fully notarized.

Again, we ask you to Contact us with your requests and we can offer you a quote, prior to your confirming an appointment for you.

We generally require possession of the item for a period of 2-3 business days, however, is some cases, high-res digital photos can work for those persons not wanting to leave their items.  Please note, if we are performing the required appraisal based on photos only, the appraisal form will state that the appraisal was made by way of inspection of photos only.

We also offer a  Short-Form Appraisal.  The short form appraisal is generally the preferable option if a customer has numerous items they wish to have appraised and authenticated.  The short form is a single line appraisal and will only include a description of the item and the item value at the time of the appraisal.  It will not include all the detail described above in the long form appraisal.  The short form appraisal also offers our customer a more affordable option by quoting a bulk-rate, depending on the number of items to be appraised.  For customers with large collections, this is the preferable option.

In these cases, we are often requested to perform the appraisals in the home/office of the customer, simply due to logistics and security concerns.   There may be additional charges added for travel and time it would take to perform the appraisals.  The customer can save significantly by providing an excel item listing in advance of the appraisal process that we can download into the DGL Sports database. 

Having this in advance a big time saver for us and consequently, a huge money saver for the customer.  Again, we ask you to Contact us with your requests and we can offer you a quote based on the information and scope of the appraisal work you require.

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