Sealed Bid Auction Program

You like the idea of displaying a sports or entertainment themed silent auction at your place of business, but space is limited?  Our Sealed Bid Auction Program may be the solution for you.  These are time limited auctions (generally 2 weeks) and all bids are confidential.  At the conclusion of the auction, completed bid slips are removed from the box and the highest bid wins.  We then remove that item and replace it with a new different item for another two weeks, and on it goes.

  auction3         auction1

There is no cost, risk or work required of the organization or the host venue.  We arrange delivery of the item to the winning bidder and the charity receives the difference between the pre-determined cost of the item (which again, is consigned) and the winning bid amount.  We provide the items and the bid slips.


Contact us today, for more information on how your organization can participate.