Display Cases

DGL Sports sells and distributes a wide array of high end acrylic display cases for balls, Hockey Pucks and equipment items for all sports.Soccer Ball Display Case

Including:  Baseballs, Footballs, Basketball and Soccer Balls.  Also, display cases for full size NFL Helmets; NFL Mini-Helmets, Baseball Bats, UFC/MMA Gloves and other related items.

Football Helmet Display Case with Mirror

Most of these display cases have a mirror backing which provides a first-class look and visually attractive.  We also provide custom name plaques for the item you will be displaying in these cases at no additional charge which you can affix yourself.  You just need to request it at the time of purchase.

Basketball Display Case with Mirror

These acrylic hand-made display cases are heavy-duty packaged for safe, reliable shipping and peace of mind purchasing.

Please allow 2 weeks for order deliveries.


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