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Jersey framing, all sports but, particularly hockey jerseys, is the fastest growing part of our business. The process and the care taken in the custom framing of jerseys are second to none. The jersey is literally sewn into the matting, with the end result being the integrity of the material and the value of the jersey being maintained. Also, with this method, if at any time, or for any reason, your jersey needs to be removed from the frame, it can be done without any damage being done to the jersey.

  DGL Sports – Lastest Designs in Custom Framing Jerseys

Gretzky 3 Side


This design in includes double matting, engraved or sublimated name plaques.  For retired players, we include a career stats plaque, which highlights all career awards and personal achievements.  We also include dual 8×10 photos (as illustrated), custom-cut matting in team colours, (customer supplied player card, if needed). Overall size is 32″ x 40″ and shadow-boxed.

      Price:  $475.00 **Additional discounts available on multiples 

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3 angled up

  We only use top end materials, and UV protected glass. Our customers also have the option of using plexiglass. This makes the frame much lighter and if you are shipping, it is the preferred option.

Unlike our competitors, we do not use any glues, adhesives or staples in this process.  Our customers generally invest significantly in their jerseys, so we therefore, take our obligation to frame these with the highest standards of materials and workmanship, very seriously.

**Note:  If you choose to frame your jersey with another company, be absolutely certain that before making that decision, you ask the questions that need to be asked prior to your consenting to frame your jersey.   Be 100% certain that no form of glues, adhesives or stapling will be used when framing your jersey.   Our company receives a significant amount of business reframing jerseys for customers, due to poor workmanship or inferior materials being used by the original framing company.  In almost every case, when we take apart the frame and show the customer what has been done to their jersey, they are horrified.  Their jersey is either damaged with glues that cannot be removed from the jersey or non-repairable holes or material cuts from industrial staples that were shot into the jersey in order to hold it into place, many times over.  Either way, these issues negatively impact the value of your jersey significantly.**

We are not the cheapest, and certainly not the most expensive.  But we are the best!

We offer several formats and styles of jersey framing.  These are the more popular styles:

1.   Deluxe Jersey Framing – Custom Deluxe – (samples below)

     Howe Jersey     Jeter - Deluxe Jersey Framing    Beliveau Jersey

The overall size of the frame is  32” x 40” (34″ x 42″ outside measurements). The jersey is mounted, stretched and sewn onto a black matboard.  We ensure all creases and wrinkles are ironed out before jersey is mounted.  The jersey frame is double matted in team colours and, at the customer’s option, and at no additional cost, we will float a player photo into the frame together with a descriptive custom engraved or sublimated name plaque plaque.  We also add licensed logo pins on either side of the name plaque.  The jersey is then measured and professionally sealed into a 2.5” deep solid wood, shadow-box, black frame and is professionally sealed using acid-free materials and UV protected glass.

Price:  $475.00**             Wholesale (5 or more):   Price Negotiable

**Pre-Payment Discount: $25.00 (per jersey)**

Customers are given the option of paying at the time they drop-off their jersey for framing.  Customers choosing this option are rewarded with a $25 discount

2.  Deluxe Jersey Framing – Oversized Custom Deluxe  (below)

            Deluxe Oversized framing - Robinson                   

The overall size of the frame is generally 40” x 44” (unless the jersey is a small size). This format of jersey framing also covers special requests in terms of the design from the customer, which would include added components such as additional photos, player cards, pucks etc…The materials and workmanship we use for this jersey are the same as the deluxe standard format.  Also, a custom engraved plaque with the name and stats of the players jersey, is cut into the matting together with fully licensed team logo pins.  The jersey is then measured and professionally sealed into a 3” deep solid wood, shadow-box, black frame.   (Note:  Special matting requests such as suede, would be subject to additional charges).

Price:  $575.00             Wholesale (of 5 or more):  $475.00

Any questions regarding this process, or if you wish to come in for an appointment or drop-off your jerseys for custom framing, please contact us and we’ll get back to you, usually within the same business day, to either answer your questions or schedule an appointment for you.

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